By Marc Turner -Copyright© 2013

“Fairness”... what is it really?
Does it mean we all are one?
That no one gets more than another...
no one can have more fun?

If I work hard and reap rewards
are they due to others too?
If I walk for miles… will my shoes
be just like yours… so nice and new?

Is it fair for you to take things
just because you’re here?
When pain is racked by others
do you ever shed a tear?

I used to know a place...
where the opposite was true.
Where life may not be perfect
but at least... we had a clue.

A clue of what the difference was
between what’s wrong and right.
When we took responsibility
that gave us… 20/20 sight.

Clear vision of what lay ahead
if we want to make it through.
Not just sitting back and waiting
to collect other people's due.

That place was called America
where people... Died to Live.
Where people didn't take much more
than they wished to give.

We asked not what you do for me
but... what I could do for you.
So few words with so much meaning
yeah… that was the place I knew.

But today… things have changed.
So many…their sight blurred.
By promises of free stuff
“I am Entitled”... is what they heard.

Just as promised… it was delivered
thanks to an army of the blind.
A fundamental transformation...
of a shameful social kind.

Fairness is now explained
as every house best be the same.
And no one shall have more than you
there be no winners in any game.

So many times has this been tried
and in each and every place...
It ends with so much suffering,
with destruction and disgrace.

In truth, Fairness means an equal chance
for us to make it in this life.
When what you do for yourself…
will end up to be your life.

So don’t look at others
and say… “Why them, not me?”
Instead go forth and make your way
‘cause fairness means… your free!

Copyright©2013 All Rights Reserved

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