Nobody Came

Co-Written by Linda Ellis and Marc Turner

Soaked with sweat and filled with fear,
he rose quickly in his bed.
The dream he’d had the night before
so real inside his head

Every image, every emotion,
the night’s hours left behind
were clear as crystal in his memory,
forever engraved upon his mind.

He could still see his lifeless body,
a silken pillow ‘neath his head
and what should be a room of mourners
was an empty room instead.

No one to stand, no one to speak,
no words of love, no prayers.
No flowers with cards of sympathy.
Just empty tables, empty chairs.

The details of those scenes:
his body cold and all alone…
the realization that nobody came
chilled him to the bone.

How could this have happened?
Not one person came to grieve?
Of all the people in my life,
was no one sad to see me leave?

Were all my years a waste of time?
Did my life not have worth?
Were there no hearts or lives I touched?
Did I leave no footprint here on earth

What could be the reasons why
nobody cared, nobody came?
But in his heart, he knew the answer;
he only had himself to blame.

Though a dream is not reality.
It made him stop and think.
In the chain of human kindness,
had he been the weakest link?

He vowed today to start anew,
to stop fretting and complaining,
to touch a life and make a difference
with every day he had remaining

To change the way he lives his life
so that each day will include
an act of kindness, thoughtful deed,
a simple show of gratitude

To leave a legacy of kindness,
to focus on what’s true and real,
trying always to remember
just how other people feel

To make these changes happen now,
show compassion, share a smile,
for tomorrow is never guaranteed
and today is here for just a while

And when his days have come and gone
as tears fall and flowers bloom,
a large and mournful crowd will fill
what was once an empty room.




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